Healthy Lunches

Healthy Eating

At Doonaha National School we are dedicated to providing an environment that promotes healthy eating and enables the children to make informed choices regarding the foods they eat. Our aim is to help the children in our care to develop a healthy relationship with food.

Children and parents are encouraged to pack healthy lunches each day and to avoid  foods with high fat and sugar content.

Please see the updated food pyramid for assistance in preparing a healthy lunch for your child. Foods should be taken from the bottom 4 tiers of the pyramid and foods from the top tiers should be avoided.


Please see this guide for some healthy lunch box ideas;healthy eating

We would request that in keeping with our healthy eating policy, you do not pack any of the following items in your child’s lunch box:

Biscuits, bars, cakes, buns, crisps or sugary treats of any kind. Chocolate spread is considered a treat food as it has a high sugar content and very little nutritional value.

Please remember that many cereal bars, which are marketed as healthy for children, have a very high sugar content.

Drinks should include water or milk only. Juices and squashes which have high sugar content should be avoided.

We have a fruit break each morning which is a working break. Children eat a piece of fruit or vegetable while working. For this reason we would ask you to ensure your child has a piece of prepared fruit or vegetable each day.

Please see the following useful website for more information and ideas:

We will be uploading our Whole School Healthy Eating Policy to this page shortly.