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Active School Committee


Our Committee consists of one representative from each class, First to Sixth. We meet regularly to ensure that every member of our school is active every day. We are constantly thinking of new, fun ways to keep active.


Physical Education

Paws Training

paws trainingpaws training 2

We had a great day at Glosheen Beach with members of the Water Safety Team from Clare County Council. We got some hands-on-experience in water safety and lifesaving.


The Games Strand of the P.E Curriculum is a big hit in Doonaha N.S. each September. Basketball in particular proves to be a big hit. We also love to play tag rugby when the weather allows us to use the nearby  O’Curry G.A.A pitch.



Physical Activity.

Take on the Teachers.

This October we spent a day in the O’Curry Community Hall, and had a great time competing against the teachers in a variety of events. We had a basketball game, a soccer match, relay races, three-legged races and some co-operative games. The students won of course! 


Run Around Europe

run around europerun around europe 2

We have commenced our running initiative in the school. We are taking part in the ‘Run Around Europe’ Challenge. We decided to make Warsaw our first destination. The distance from Doonaha to Warsaw is approximately 2241 km. We successfully arrived in Warsaw towards the end of October. We are now running to Tbilisi. Check back with us for more updates.

Drop Everything and Dance.

In Doonaha National School we recognise the importance of frequent movement breaks. Between lessons we use the Go Noodle website to get us out of our seats. We choose between stretches, zumba, free-movement, or sports and exercise.


Clare Sports Partnership:    csp

We are currently taking part in the Active Homework Challenge, which is an initiative run by the Clare Sports Partnership. This involves completing an hour of physical activity per day as part of our homework. Activities include the bear-crawl, star-jumps, squats and high-knees. We record our activity daily, and encourage our family members to join in.


We teamed up with Operation Transformation at ten o’clock on the 10th of February. We engaged in ten different types of physical activity for ten minutes. This included star- jumps, burpees, running-on-the-spot and squats. We really enjoyed this, and plan to make it a regular activity.ten at ten

Active Schools Week 

Our Active Schools Week was a great success

On Monday we had a coach from Badminton Ireland visit the school. We learned how to play badminton.  It was a windy day so we lost some shuttlecocks, but we had great fun!badminton1


On Tuesday we spent the day at the Ennis Gymnastics Club. We  practiced balancing , jumping, landing tumbling, swinging and much more.

On Wednesday we had a session with Rinka West Clare. We played some great games that we hadn’t tried before.rinka 1rinka 2

On Thursday we had our Annual Beach Clean-Up. We walked to Glosheen Beach, picking up any litter  we found on the way. We also cleaned up the beach.